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Subdue & Win - Part 2

Have you gone too long out of control? Your destiny depends on whether you can subdue you. Get help today and begin to win the battles within.

Subdue & Win - Part 1

When was the last time you won something? Do you find you are losing more than winning.  Pastor Eddie Seals shares the secret to winning and help to stop sabotaging your future.  Take control today! Learn how to subdue and win! 

The Strong Man's House - Part 2

Pastor Eddie Seals continues a message on The Strong Man's House.  Is your spiritual house secure? Have you picked up something in your spirit? Pastor Eddie shares how to break free of the enemy's grasp.  Be set free today!

The Strong Man's House - Part 1

Add DeThe enemy wants to bind your anointing.  In this message "The Strong Man's House," Pastor Eddie Seals will help you break free of the enemy's grasp. God Bless You!

Your Choice - Sin or Destiny?


Pastor Eddie Seals asks you to make a choice. Sin or your destiny? He encourages you to get in the right spiritual state to hear from God.  Do you need a little help in this area. Listen to this latest message and be blessed!

It's Your Season - Part 2


Pastor Eddie Seals continues the message "It's Your Season."  Find out what each season builds in your life and what you must do in every season!

It's Your Season - Part 1


Are you preparing for you season?  Are you already in your season?  If so, how are you handling it? Pastor Eddie helps you to understand if you are in your season or if it is on the horizon. Find out today!

2016 is the Year of Transformation.  It is time to become who you were born to be! Your transformation will take you straight into your destiny, if you let it.  Listen and start transforming today!

You Have Been Ordered - Part 1

Have you ever wondered why you are where you are?  In a place you don't want to be?  Unhappy with your situation in life?  Pastor Eddie Seals explains how your steps are ordered by the Lord and you are in his hands.  Listen to this dynamic message today.

You Have Been Ordered - Part 2

The second segment of the the dynamic message "You Have Been Ordered."  Watch and receive encouragement to continue on your journey today.

You Have Been Ordered - Part 3

Have you been complaining about where you are?  Are you talking about how much you hate it?  Pastor Eddie Seals shares insight to help you right where you are so you will get to where you are supposed to be.  Get help today.

You Have Been Ordered - Part 4

In this final segment, Pastor Eddie Seals uses humor to let us know that sometimes God does not take us on the most direct route to get us to where we need to be. Get encouragement today on how your steps have been ordered by the Lord.

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